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Details/Videos/MP3: HITFIELD - I Feel Fine (Tkbz media/Virgin/Universal/UV)

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HITFIELD "I Feel Fine"

Founded in 2018, HITFIELD set out to free people from their everyday lives and fill them with new strength. And if anyone can do that, then it is these three live DJs who, with their vibrant energy and unbridled zest for life, cast a spell over anyone who is lucky enough to meet them. In the songs that SoundDesigner L2L and the two voices of the band, Carolina and TheOdeRich, compose and produce , they emulate their great role models, including the Beatles, Rihanna, David Guetta and Diplo. The more danceable, the better, and the more unforgettable, the better. HitField uses almost every genre to do this and they fine-tune their sound, composition and lyrics until everything is perfectly right.

The result: song seeds in the space between Pop, HipHop and EDM, which please, carry you away, and are fun - and with all their diversity, they consistently play their very own sound and the unmistakable spirit of HitField. HitField are thus on the road to success - and today, after their great start (after spectacular high school proms, a whole series of historical discotheque appearances and their legendary house parties), they are heading for promotion to the next class.

About I Feel Fine:
Had "I Feel Fine" been released a little earlier, it could have become the anthem of summer 2020. Whether TheOdeRich has managed to write the most positive song of all time, as he intended, is difficult to say, but they are on the right path. Balancing casually between hip-hop, reggae and symphonic modernism, the feisty piece of pop takes us straight to the beach - to a party with friends, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And here: everything is just golden and shiny. The sun shines upon our faces, the birds sing, our worries fall by the wayside somewhere behind us, the head unfurles, the heart loses ist worries, we breathe deeply and feel clearly… Actually everything is fine. Being able to be in the world is a gift. Life is a festival. Or it could be. If we only allow ourselves. We have the freedom to do so. It's all too easy to forget. Thank you, HITFIELD.