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MR.DA-NOS FEAT. PATRICK MILLER AND FATMAN SCOOP  "I Like To Move It"  (Planet Punk/Kontor New Media)

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MR.DA-NOS (dj/producer/remixer)

Having topped the Swiss charts with more than 100 songs, including 27 albums, makes MR.DA-NOS one of the most successful DJs, producers and remixers of Switzerland. As an important opinion leader for dance music, he has sold more than 500,000 records and was the first Swiss DJ that peaked at #1 of the Swiss dance charts. He achieves the highest booking rates as a Swiss DJ with over 200 performances per year and thus reaches record numbers of potential customers which is currently 45,000 per month. MR.DA-NOS definitively inspires his fans with excellent music and is a guarantee for exceptional events and campaigns. His popularity extends far beyond the music industry as he is very popular as testimonial for renowned brands and has been awarded twice by the ''Who-is-Who'' magazine as being one of the most prominent Swiss. Due to his enormous motivation, his talent and his innovativeness, MR.DA-NOS will continue to determine the future of house music not only at national but also at international stages.

Raised in Seuzach near Winterthur/Zurich(Switzerland), Roland Bunkus alias MR.DA-NOS already showed a great
interest for music in his early ages. With the age of 7, he learned to play the violin and had his first performances with his own band as a teenager where he played both the drums and the keyboard. Starting with RnB as well as Hip Hop music, he became passionate for house music very soon and switched the genre. His first big event as a DJ took place at the Street Parade of Zurich. His stage name dates back from his very early career already. His second passion is auto-tuning and the name ''MR.DA-NOS'' is a combination of his former nickname and this special hobby (NOS-tuning).

One of the first breakthroughs of his career occurred in 2000 when he became resident DJ and remixer of the
compilations for the event label ''Kingshouse''. It is still one of the most well-known and successful labels in the
Swiss House scene. Due to the positive response in these days, MR.DA-NOS became full-time DJ, producer and
remixer and founded his own agency and company ''Starhouse Productions''. In 2003, another milestone was
achieved when his single ''I Promised You Anything'' reached #1 of the dance charts. This was the first time that
a Swiss DJ was that successful. One year later already, in 2004, one of his albums ''Groove Music'' was even in
the Top Ten places of the Swiss Charts for several weeks. On top of that, he received the Dance Award for his
single and video ''Long Train Running'' in the same year.

MR.DA-NOS is a highly demanded act of the most trendy and renowned clubs and events. His live performances include his annual gigs at the Swiss Street Parade with his own love mobile since 1999. In 2011, the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Parade, he was even honored to produce the anthem of that event. The single ''Calling For Love'' was celebrated with 900,000 ravers from all over the world. MR.DA-NOS is also regularly playing at other renowned events such as gigs at the Energy Hallenstation, at the OpenAir Event in Gampel and Frauenfeld as well as at the Touch The Air and Touch The Lake Event. He is not only popular at national level. With his album ''Worldtour Sydney'', his performance at the New York Fashion Week, at the Berlin Loveparade as well as with his regular gigs in Lloret de Mar, Rimini and Croatia he has built up an international reputation. He is the first Swiss DJ that has gotten crowds rocking at big national Open Air Events together with famous artists such as Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. MR.DA-NOS even hosts his own Mix Show at Radio 105 where fans can listen to him from 9 to 10 pm every Saturday evening. This show is broadcasted via Web worldwide.

Many international brands also trust in his image and brand. Thus, he already worked together with famous
partners such as TechArt by Porsche Switzerland, Arden Range Rover, Allemann Automobile, Rich Prosecco or
Ricola as well as Rhomberg. In 2009, he was even asked to compose the official promotion song for one of
Ricola's new products, a herbal chewing gum ''Alpine Fresh''. This song became a dance floor hit at this time.
Moreover, the Swiss DJ launched his own jewelry collection for the Swiss company Rhomberg. On the social
media platforms MR.DA-NOS is a known act as well. In October 2011, his YouTube channel was ranked #47 in
the category ''Most Watched Musicians Global''. In German speaking countries, he even reached place number

The Swiss DJ has already worked with many international stars. Exclusively in cooperation with the songwriter
of Xavier Naidoo, Matthew Tesa, they produced the single ''Lass Dich Gehen'' for the initial application to the
Eurovision Contest 2012. This single proves clearly his willingness to innovate because it is a completely
different genre and was also a unique DJ/ band constellation for him. Other musical collaborations were made
with Iain James, the songwriter Craig David and Westlife as well with as the mixer of the famous Summer
Parade compilations.

MR.DA-NOS's fan base can be characterized by a unique personal identification and loyalty to the artist. Thus,
more than a dozen of fans already tattooed his stage name on their bodies. As a token of his appreciation for
his fans, he devoted them an own album ''Tattoo''. He has also bought a star for his fans and got it as a tattoo
for himself. Moreover, the Swiss DJ has ordered an own mobile app for the iPhone and Android mobile systems. This allows all his followers to gather information about current news and events and listen respectively view his music and videos on the go. Alongside his musical career, he uses his popularity for charitable purposes and was appointed by the Swiss police as an ambassador against youth violence with the campaign ''Fertig Puff!''. Besides that, MR.DA-NOS is very committed for children having cancer and thus has led a DJ workshop with the Cancer League Switzerland for this purpose.