DRENCHILL x ROCCO x PERFECT PITCH FEAT. INES RAE - Off The Grid (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/Universal/Zeitgeist/UV)
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Drenchill, Rocco and Perfect Pitch got together once again to release their new Hypertechno single “Off The Grid”. With their previous collaboration “Join Me (In Death)” the artists proved being a match made in dance-heaven, coming through with banging beats, dreamy vocals and loads of power. And this single is no exception! With a punchy bassline, wild synthies and the hypnotizing voice of Ines Rae, “Off The Grid” goes straight to the ear and promises nothing but pure energy!
“Off The Grid” is inspired by the crazy times we live in today. Ominous vibes and doom-laden lyrics evoke a feeling of wanting to leave it all behind and live a simpler life, far from the madness of our everyday world. Drenchill, Rocco, Perfect Pitch and Ines Rae explore this idea while delivering a blazing hypertechno banger.
Drenchill, who has already collected over 230 million streams with his singles and received multiple Gold & Platinum awards, is also the world’s most-streamed Spotify artist from Portugal in 2022 and in 2023. With his single “Starlight”, which gained a lot of attention especially in Poland and climbed to the top spots of the Polish airplay charts shortly after its release, he has now reached over 45 million streams. His singles “Freed From Desire”, “Never Never” and “Forever Summer” brought him to the top of the airplay charts in Poland as well as a total of 7 platinum awards.
Successful duo Timo Erlenbruch and Stefan Richly aka Perfect Pitch are responsible for many gold and platinum awarded productions such as Drenchill’s „Freed from Desire“, „Starlight“ or „Never Never“. Their collaborations with Drenchill or Rocco garnered millions of streams and have proven Perfect Pitch's ability to deliver contemporary Dance music at its best!
Sven Gruhnwald aka Rocco is looking back at more than 500 productions and remixes, showcasing chart hits like „Everybody", „Drop the Bass" and „Generation of Love". In the early 2000s he had many TV appearances at huge shows such as “The Dome”, “Top Of The Pops” and “VIVA Club Rotation”. On top, Rocco is managing one of the most successful dance labels in GSA, You Love Dance / Planet Punk Music. In addition, he used to be responsible for the famous chart compilation "Future Trance" released by Universal Music.